This cross-stones doesn't exist anymore, because of CULTURAL GENOCIDE

This cross-stones doesn't exist anymore, because of CULTURAL GENOCIDE

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Political Consequences of the Taliban-like Actions of the Azerbaijani Authorities

A country can gain entry to UNESCO and ICOMOS
only if it complies with the laws and principles
established in their statutes. Is a member country not
to be expelled from these organizations if it later
infringes its commitments?
Violating the 1948 UN Convention on Cultural
Heritage, Nakhijevan’s Azerbaijani authorities
demolished thousands of Armenian monuments
(churches, monasteries, cemeteries, etc.) in peaceful
times, with the complicity of their army.
Following the example of the Talibans who
destroyed the statues of Buddha in Bamian,
Afghanistan, Azerbaijan is obliterating Nakhijevan’s
centuries-old historical monuments, thus hoping
to prove that the region was never an
Armenian territory...
The destruction of Nakhijevan’s Armenian
cultural heritage at state level is a crime not
only against the Armenian nation but against all
civilization. The annihilation of such monuments
as the cemetery of Julfa is defilement of
sacred tenets of all religions. Does a country
having committed such vile desecration have
any right to remain a member of the Council of

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